Hey America, pick up your CO2!

One of the first lessons we learn in Kindergarten is to pick up after ourselves.  Apparently the lesson doesn't stick well.  Americans are producing more waste and using more energy than we ever have before, and if this energy crisis is going to be solved, we need to stand up and take responsibility.  If little Tommy played with the legos during recess, he had to put them back in the bin afterwards.  So if little lady liberty is emitting 40,000 pounds of  CO2 per year, maybe she should start picking up after herself.  We need to take responsiblity for our own actions and concern ourselves with the carbon footprint of America because, at the end of the day, this planet is more than just our own personal playground.

As a planet, we face a major energy crisis that can be solved through innovation and cooperation.  As a country, we face an even larger problem: we are in denial.  Americans consume almost a quarter of the world's resources while our population only constitutes 5% of the world.  Our country is consuming at a rapid rate and using energy that isn't ours.

The energy crisis can be more simply categorized into three distinct issues: Economy, national security, and environment.  People can't afford high gas prices, and unfortunately, most of us can't afford hybrid cars either.  We are dependent on oil from countries that don't always seem to be our greatest friends.  Within the larger picture, Americans are emitting more carbon and producing more waste than ever before.  What Americans need most is a wake up call.

Anyone can tell you that we are in an energy crisis, and most people can even cite a few examples of what needs to be done to solve it.  But what we are missing is a call to action.  The sad truth is that no group of citizens was ever mobilized without a strong cause, and the energy crisis is lacking one.  It is only when the American people understand how much energy we consume compared to other countries, that maybe a light will go off.  And if even just a few lights go off because of something someone saw or heard, then we are on the right track.  We need to do our part, or else we will have no right to complain if this crisis is never solved.

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