Eliminating your Carbon Share

I’ve talked about it before: how much running on a treadmill and using gym

equipment actually harms the environment. Though the main focus of visiting a

gym is to focus on bettering your own body, there is little awareness of how much

electricity the gym uses to power your calorie burner. But, additionally, most

Americans are unaware of how much their personal use of electricity in general

contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

But here are some numbers! Every year the United States emits 16,000 pounds of

carbon per capita from its energy usage.

Now that might not seem like a lot for an entire country, but imagine you were

responsible for offsetting your own personal share of the pounds. If the pounds of

carbon were instead pounds on your waistline you would have to burn 56,000,000

calories off every year. And how do most people burn off their calories? Through a

treadmill! One of which you would have to run 1,022 miles on daily to supplement

the amount of carbon emissions you contribute annually by using electricity. That’s

the same distance as running from Washington, D.C. to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. EVERY


When you simplify the numbers, 16,000 pounds of carbon seems a lot less

manageable. So what are you going to do to burn it off?

Need it spelled out for you? Watch my recent video!

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