Move over Capt' Planet, Google is here!

Top 5 ways Google is helping tomorrow, today

(or taking over the universe, either way).

So, I woke up this morning and went online to get my daily shot of absurd and wacky green and environmental news (don’t ask, its becoming a habit). Atop my reader list was Google’s 1 million dollar contribution to the “Schweeb” project. So lets say that my interest was peaked, what’s a mammoth company like Google doing investing in the future in the world instead of trying to take over it? Well it turns out Google is actually taking its eccentric ways “to the streets”.

So here are the top five ways Google is trying to help out, yes you hear me, now just accept it!

5. Making its employees go green (whether they like it or not heheh)!

4. Buying green energy to supply their offices and in hopes of driving up demand.

3. providing a Power Meter for everyone to access online.

2. Grants for research into geothermal energy in Virginia!

1. Investing in a $5 billion transmission line that will help speed up offshore wind development on the eastern seaboard.

So, the nest time you go online to find out what “thigamabobyjig” means you can feel just a little better about your dependency on this green giant.

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