A Crash Course in Energy Efficiency

What does it mean to be energy efficient? Well, according to the Alliance to Save Energy, all it means is doing more with less energy. It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? I figured why not show some informational videos, movements and facts about energy efficiency in homes and businesses.

In September, the Environmental and Energy Study Institute held a briefing that focused on thermal energy infrastructure. They focused on how regions can more effectively use power plant and industrial heat waste to create alternative ways to heat and cool buildings and water.

Moving on to something a little more for the kid in you, Animal Planet and a penguin provide you with a simple way to make your home a little more energy efficient through energy efficient light bulbs.

Continuing with efficient light bulbs, take a gander at this Aussie newscast and their 7 Myths About Energy Saving Globes.

The US Environmental Protection Agency also has some ways it thinks it can help you become more energy efficient through its Energy Star program.

Here in DC we have some organizations that are using grassroots campaigns to promote energy efficiency. WeatherizeDC is one such org. They look to inform people of the problems homes face and the solutions they can employ to make themselves energy efficient.

One final way to promote energy efficient homes and businesses is to hire an energy auditor to see what you are actually doing and what you can change to make your home or business more efficient.

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