Set your sights on solar!

By Miranda Green

The increase of solar panel installations seems to be increasing. This can be seen on the local, national and international levels. And there is good reason for it. Solar panels not only offset carbon fuel emissions but they can save and sometimes earn you money! The increase of solar panels internationally can be witnessed in Ontario, Canada where recently the largest Solar Photovoltaic facility was installed on 950 acres of land. The panels are expected to make enough energy to generate 12,800 homes.

On the National level San Antonio, Texas is gearing up to be the first city to have a water district with a biogas facility hooked up to a commercial gas pipeline. The methane gas produced at the facility will be captured and sold back to the city as renewable energy. There is a similar facility in Washington state that will gather enough energy to power 210 homes annually!

A Georgetown residence recently became the owner of a photovoltaic system on its roof. Almost fifty percent of the townhouse's electricity will be generated by the solar panels. And with tax cuts and local incentive programs, the total cost of the installation is only $1,170!

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