Feeling hot hot hot

What's up? That's a question I often find myself wondering when researching solar power since most solar systems inhabit on rooftops. Look high and low, solar can be found in strange places from solar backpacks to solar-powered ambulances.

We found solar panels in an unusual place a few weeks ago at the Rockville Ice Arena in Maryland! The Rockville Ice Arena, the largest solar panel rooftop in Maryland, puts a new meaning to hot as ice. While the skaters and hockey players chilled on the frigid ice, the panels on the rooftop warmed up in the sunlight to produce power for the rink. Tony Clifford, CEO of Standard Solar, told us that the solar panels offset 30 percent of the rink's total energy demands. Check out our video on the ice rink solar panels for more info!

Here's some more unconventional places you can find solar panels:
-A motor home
-A camping tent
-A purse
-A bluetooth headset

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