SBSC: Promotes "Go Beyond Oil"

SBSC (Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation) promotes "Go beyond oil"
It is never new to us that world's dependency on oil has ruined not only many wildlife species but also endangered our environment and our future generation. Oil is just one of the three major forms of fossil fuels; others are coal and natural gas. And among all other energy sources fossil fuel is the highest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas. According to IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report the atmospheric mixing ratio of CO2 has increased worldwide by about 100 ppm (36%) over the last 250 years. Just imagine if CO2 in the atmosphere continue to increase on the coming years, then maybe it would be too late for us to save our environment. And with this problem at hand, we cannot continuously rely on oil or any other fossil fuels for most of our energy consumption. We need sustainable clean energy and it should be given utmost attention nowadays. Good thing there are numerous companies who strive hard to help countries in reducing their dependence on oil. SBSC (Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation) is one of these companies who continuously endeavor for a cleaner and greener environment.

SBSC is a local corporation duly registered under the laws of the Philippines which also serves as the management arm of the Spectrum Blue Steel Consultants. SBSC has an exclusive license to market, sell, or lease, install, and operate the Biosphere Process in the Philippines. The Biosphere Process or Biosphere Technology is a form of gasification wherein it destroys traditional and non-traditional waste materials to generate electricity. SBSC believes that through biosphere technology we can eliminate the serious environmental issues brought by wastes problems. Moreover, this technology can surely provide solution to the increasing demand of energy while decreasing the use of fossil fuels. Just like what Greenpeace International advocates - Go Beyond Oil, SBSC also promotes about going beyond oil with the use of biosphere technology.

The Green Solution

Though there are various solutions available, like the use of biofuels, and other researches on science such as capturing of energy from yeast and genetically engineered bacteria, but the probably one winning solution and most interesting one is the use of wastes to generate electricity like what biosphere process do. Imagine, it help clean up the environment at the same time it generates green energy. A single biosphere facility can recycle up to 720 tons of garbage and destroy up to 172 tons of non-recyclable garbage per day. It also operates on a Zero Waste Philosophy wherein it recycles all feedstocks back into nature or the marketplace in a way that protects both public health and our environment. Unlike other standard gasification processes biosphere process it does not pollute the environment since it uses a limited-oxygen process that limits atmospheric emissions.

However, critics say that it would fail to replace oil within a reasonable time. But come to think of it, we will only remain dependent on oil for as long as we use it. What SBSC suggests and continues to inculcate is to consider the valid benefits from biosphere process. Aside from the environmental benefits, it also offers a great investment opportunity. The entire process itself produces not only electricity but other by-products as well including gallons of distilled water, Pozzolanic ash, fertilizers/composts, high alloy steel wire and carbon black. The Biosphere can produce $85,000,000/yr. with an overhead of $250,000 excluding a workforce of 25 people, and this profit estimation is increasing with every new innovation.What more we could ask for?

Undeniably this technology is set to change the future and can make true changes in energy. What every country needs to do now is to invest heavily on renewable energy such as this instead of exhausting their resources just to target oil reserves.

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