Planet Forward on TV this week

This week Planet Forward will air its first segment for Nightly Business Report on PBS. The segment, the first in a monthly series, focuses on the Nissan Leaf, an all-new 100% electric car, and will feature an in-studio appearance from our host Frank Sesno.

Daniel Gray of MPGomatic showed us the Nissan Leaf earlier this summer, and now Planet Forward will follow up in their first episode, entitled "A New Electric Car".

Planet Forward will continue to partner with Nightly Business Report, jointly producing content and sharing user-submitted story ideas on innovations in energy and climate issues.

"Our unique partnership with Planet Forward allows viewers to directly shape content," said Mykalai Kontilai, chairman and chief executive of Nightly Business Report. "I know our viewers will appreciate the opportunity to play such an active role."

Host Frank Sesno says the partnership will expand Planet Forward's reach exponentially. "Since one of our primary goals is to expand collaboration by exposing our communities' ideas to the widest possible audience, a television partner like NBR will help us connect good ideas to new viewers along with other online distribution channels."

Look for "A New Electric Car" to air on Thursday, Oct. 21. Check your local listings.

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