Green “Tweeples” on GreenGov

As GreenGov approaches, environmentalists or “greenies” are eagerly awaiting tweets about this pivotal conference. In the weeks leading up to this conference, it is clear that there are some “tweeples” who are taking the initiative to promote and disseminate the important messages that GreenGov wants to deliver.

Amongst these impressive tweeples, are the members and founders of govlooop, who have been very active on green government related issues. In fact, @govloop directing people to a blog that keeps count of who will be attending the conference.

While @govloop and its associated team have been extremely pro-active, they are not alone in their admirable green gov tweeting efforts. Another principal greengov tweeter is the whose twitter handle is @fedcenter, which is the federal government’s home for comprehensive environmental stewardship and compliance assistance information.

Certainly, as we embark on this exciting and informative week, it is clear that there are many “tweeple” personalities to follow to better engage/understand the issues and innovations being discusses/generated this week. Another mentionable tweeter who has been keeping up with Greengov is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whose handle is @EPAgov. The Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) whose twitter handle is @sfiprogram, also has been consistently tweeting on Greengov.

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Or you can keep track of the whole conversation and watch live at the GreenGov Stream Center.

Other noteworthy twitterhandles to follow below!

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