Eat your meat!

You can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat! This old adage comes from legendary rock-n-rollers Pink Floyd and they have a point…

When you clean your plate, you help clean the environment too. You reduce food waste and energy waste. According to an article from AOL

News, one of the biggest wastes of energy in America is due to food waste.

American food waste represents the energy equivalent to 350 MILLION barrels of oil each year, according to new research from the University of Texas.

Check out these tips to cut down on food energy waste:

-Eat local. Take a Saturday afternoon trip to the farmers market and buy locally--you’ll drastically cut down the energy consumed by transportation for food.

-Grow a mini garden in your backyard. Fresh tomatoes could be just footsteps away.

-Compost. It’s as simple as making a PB&J sandwich, learn more here.

So, now you should have your cake and eat it too. Savor your smoked salmon, finish your fois gras, and even chomp on that chopped liver. Your mother will be happy and so will the environment.

For more innovative info on ways to save energy, check out this green roof or this solar panel roof.

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