LEED next steps for green buildings

As a consultant focused on maintenance, renovation and life-extension of non-residential building roofs, I found this article (http://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2010/10/07/leed-and-future-green-building) makes some great points regarding the evolution of LEED, and lays out important challenges and opportunities for companies using LEED performance as a business driver.

The LEED-EBOM approach is in many ways more problematic than LEED for new construction, since leading-edge building design and construction tools and technologies naturally have greater impact at the outset of a project. Although a building's "first costs" are always a priority, it is far easier to deploy integrated design or BIM software that enables a performance-oriented approach at the beginning versus later in a building's life-cycle.

At any rate, the convergence of emerging building design methods and standards (including net-zero), advances in building technologies (such as smart maters and renewable energy systems) and building finance and policy trends (LCC, green leasing and carbon tax) will generate considerable discussion and debate across the public and private sectors, and open the playing field for companies that can help building owners and operators navigate this LEED-driven marketplace.

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