Wind Farm Construction Stopped by Endangered Eagle

Remember that wind farm in Oregon I wrote about last week? Portland General Electric just purchased the project and were attempting to bypass an Oregon law requiring competitive bidding. Now, those plans and the entire project seem to be brought to a halt. By what you ask? The endangered golden eagle.

The Oregonian is reporting that a golden eagle nest has been found in Wasco County, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Oregon Department of Energy recommended in a letter to PGE that no wind turbine be built within six miles of it.

In response to these recent events, PGE has given up trying to skirt around the Oregon competitive bidding law and has backed off trying to build the wind farm.

How about this for a development? Many of you have said that PGE's wind farm plans were more about good business and publicity than an environmental agenda. Nonetheless, this means the odds of another large wind farm being built in the near future have gone from good to slim (if not nil). Is the (potential) risk to golden eagle(s) worth halting a wind farm's construction?

What do you think? Where do we draw the line between conservation and preservation? Are you glad a potential good publicity-business move described as "caring for the environment" has been thwarted? Share your thoughts below...

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