World Energy Congress, brought to you by Planet Forward!

Montreal is playing host to top energy executives from around the world starting this Saturday and Planet Forward will be there to ask the questions you want answered.

The World Energy Congress happens every three years, drawing CEOs from major energy companies. Khalid Al-Falih, president and CEO of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Anne Lauvergeon, Chief Executive Officer of the French nuclear company, AREVA Group and Zhenya Liu Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China State Grid represent some of the world energy leaders who will be there.

The theme, “Acting now on global challenges – Energy in transition for a living planet,” according to the organization’s Chairman, is engineered to reflect the “overwhelming problems of environmental, social and political acceptability” that the energy industry is now facing.

So what would you like to see these leaders “act now” on? Planet Forward will be there with our cameras on to ask your questions. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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