National Grid Equals Survivability

Unless a miracle happens and Power Companies and Utilities have a Revelation?

Our Pursuit to Clean Our World will Always be as a handicapped victim.

We have abundant geothermal resources throughout the West. Isolated by lack of a National Grid to tie in the Resources to where the people are.


Now we are caught in a Medieval Toll Booth that stall the work necessary by corporate greed. A non entity dictates pollution we witness as our common curse, stealing the clean air and waters as though they owned them to the detriement of society and humanity.

Resoures awaiting Power Sales Contracts from special interest controlled boards competing with coal in Utah is absurd. We have so much geothermal, it is silly to watch it go to waste with the winds that blow overhead with literally billions just blowing away in the Wind and billions lie dormant since the dawn of time awaiting our tasting the source of our suvivability that lies benear our feet.

Unless the Federal Government takes our dilemma of Humanity Impending Doom from our wasteful approach to the Earth that allows us to live on it? Unless the Fed Nationalize the National Power Grids and Prioritize the Development of Alternative Energy Sources as more relevant and important to our National Security, the removal of Co2 will be Delayed to our peril. Think not? Go to China, it is reality that we will suffer unless we play it smart instead of personal greedy. Patriot put Principles Before Profits. A few cannot rule the many.The few cannot abuse the many forever. Best to do the Right thing and get your hands out of your pockets.

Even a company the size of Enel is put through the ringer as if they are enemies of the State of BLM and Forest Service and the Mineral Agency paused with the Loops to acquire Power Sales Contracts.Building Geothermal Power Plants on Fed land is taboo.

We need Fed Intervention to Super Shock the World and Make Geothermal as the Global Solution with new drilling technolgy that will enable us to utilize earth heat with well 19-15 miles deep. The Earth is The Supreme Solar Collector awaiting us to utilize this most magnificent and renewable non polluting resources that is free for the drilling.

Turn Swords into Drill pipe and supply all our needs as they do in Iceland.

I know of thousands of megawatts of alternative resource just sitting in idle, while Greed prevails and Ignorance rules our government house of Representatives.

When we start to gasp for air, then everyone will wish they had thought and acted differently.

One Government_ One Transmission line like the Internet Highway Supplying Green Sources of Energy for all mankind.

We can do it!

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