"Plug and Play" Solar Panel Kits

A “do it yourself” solar array! Sounds interesting, right? Chad Maglaque and Clarian Technologies are hoping that by Spring 2011 they will be able to bring to the market, an easy to install modular solar array. They also promise that this product will be cost-effective.
“Sunfish”, as they call it, would consist of a power module, circuit monitor and a pluggable solar panel. The estimated cost of the module, a single panel and the circuit monitor is about $799. The brains behind this project are confident that the price could come down to $599 very soon.
Depending on the requirement and the budget of an individual household, one to five panel arrays, could produce as much as 150 kilowatt-hours of electricity every month. This could offset the power usage of a major appliance like a refrigerator.
The concept sounds promising and could save an average homeowner the installation cost and in turn make the otherwise expensive solar arrays more economical. Well, let’s wait and watch if this product will be as energy-efficient and cost effective as it promises to be.
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