Highland Deserts

Enel, First Wind, Razer are elevating the bar with anticipateD Geothermal, Wind, Solar and Algae in South Central Utah. The Three Counties of Beaver, Iron and Millard are considered the Alternative Energy Cooridor of Utah. Enel is Deep Drilling to 10,000' to tap ancient rivers that float just a mile above magma. First Wind is finishing 1,000 megawatts and Razer produces from shallow Thermal heat along 80 miles in the Escalante Desert. Solar and Algae will balance the Grid's Anticipation of on and off hours for the consumers of Green Power.
Expect over 4,000 megawatts from these area by 2018.

We need Comprehensive Transmission Grids.

We need Power Sales Contracts for Big and Small Power Producers Everywhere.

We need the Feds to reign in the BLM and the Forest Service.

They would rather die than give anyone land for a earth heat power plant.
Nevada is five times larger than Ireland to supply all the Algae fuel the Entire World needs for our flying machines.
It's exciting to see all this activity after years of pushing against the CO2 machines. But here we are and we need to approach this as Marshall Plan In Our Land and Get this transformation completed before We all Choke to Death!

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