Nautical torque - the best way to meet our energy needs.

Critical facts remain missing from the renewable energy debate; how to replace the high density power stations that use nuclear, natural gas, and coal with the low density and scattered renewable sources of electricity such as wind, solar and geothermal. Investment in these large scale wind and solar farms is indeed growing (a good thing) but not enough to meet the growing energy demands of society AND replace nuclear and fossil fuel.

We need high density alternatives. And we need to invest in these technologies heavily. Tidal and wave hold enormous potential but a process called Nautical Torque holds even more potential, as it is not offshore or underwater. It merely uses large particles of floating mass such as ships and barges, coupled with their rise and fall each day as the tide moves in and out. The tremendous amount of mass that moves up and down can initiate a gear system that spins a turbine and create unlimited renewable electricity. This can be located at existing ports and harbors (many of which are dilapidated and unused), which makes it much easier for the transportation of the electricity to the existing grid.

A San Francisco inventor came up with this idea and has been working tirelessly to promote and develop the process. Early stage investment is needed to obtain funding to develop the first prototype, which will prove its scalability to utility levels. Visit for more info.

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