My Favorite Clean Tech Inventions. What are yours?

As Planet Forward moves into it’s new topic of “clean energy tech”—tech innovations that will change the way we use energy, I thought I’d pull a few of my favorite clean tech inventions over the years. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes game-changing, clean tech inventions bring out the best in ingenuity—give someone a restriction and the creativity will flourish. What are your favorite energy innovations?

Sustainable Dance Floor takes your dance moves and turns them into power.

VW's 'dung' Beetle, a car you've always dreamed about on those long road trips, which transforms waste into RPMs. Perhaps the best thing about it--the awesome tagline "Powered by your waste!"

The D-Cycle Internal Combustion Engine is a project of Planet Forward member, Joseph Conti. He's changing the way pistons work.

Micro-Kitty: The World’s First Solar-Powered Vibrator proves that you're not really moving forward unless you're innovating in the bedroom.

I can't personally write a post about clean energy innovations without mentioning something about bikes (I love bikes!). That's why I'm including Nokia's Bike-Powered Cell Phone Chargers. Awesome.

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