Water equals energy

The water is always cold in the morning. Any idea how much water each shower wastes waiting for the water to warm? About 1,500 gallons. That water has to be pumped to the water works from a river, lake or wells, purified and then pumped to your home. It then has to be heated by gas or electricity and then pumped to your shower wasting the energy to pump it around. If everyone took a shower every day it would amount to 350 million X 1,500 or 525 billion gallons of water.

A circulating pump, costing about $300 plus installation, added to your water heater could save almost all of that water and the energy it takes to pump and treat it.Saving energy, and water can save a tremendous amount with very little expense and the good news is that once the pump is installed it works automatically and can be programmed to operate at different times of the day or continuously.

The best part is that it is a really a great pleasure to turn the tap on and have instantaneous hot water.

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