You can stop the OIL addiction that causes the USA to import 60% of the OIL we burn each day. This cost us over 1 Billion dollar each day and creates pollution at the same time which is killing us. This affects our economy, environment and security.

An ICE Internal Combustion Engine is less than 20% efficient, making 80% heat and friction. An electric vehicle is 80% or more efficient, makes energy while braking and never idles. The electric GRID has excess that gets dumped off peak. They can't ramp down or shut down a COAL 51% of US electric, Nuclear 21%, hydro 12% so it gets dumped when our needs are lower off peak. So charge your vehicle Off Peak while you sleep.

If you install Solar PV or Wind you know where the clean energy is from and can run your home and vehicle. It's about 10 KWh's of electric to replace 1 gallon of OIL/gas. that's about $1 vs $2.60 July 2010. That about a 4 times savings ! Oil is highly subsidied and really cost about $11.50 a gallon. 1 gallon at 7 lbs makes 20 lbs of pollution when combines in the air. Car exhaust can kill you in minutes Carbon Di-Oxide CO, creates smog and Global Warming Cabon Mon-oxide CO2 and many other pollutants.

The good news is that there are many new American made plugin vehicles out now and coming out this yea 2010 and next year. From the plugin hybrids like the GM VOLT, Prius Plus+ and Fisker Karma to the all electric Tesla, Tesla S, Nissan LEAF (made in Tenn.) , aptera, Myers DUO and many others. These are American vehicles with batteries made in American run on FUEL made in America.

The new safe long life, light weight and non toxic lithium batteries are making all this possible. How far do you need to go on 1 charge ? Most of these go from 100 to over 300 miles on a charge. There are also least 3 all American companies now installing thousands of charging stations just in case you need a little extra. They are also creating jobs here in AMerica and even in other counties. Many have contracts to install charging locations all over the world from China to Europe.

check out the many nes articles about these efficnet vehicle at:
www.pluginamerica.com ;

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