Sounds of Silence!

Apple CEO Steve Jobs described it as his “most beautiful and sophisticated creation”. Well, environmentalists in China don’t quite share his sentiment. For them the sleek new Apple

iPhone4 that was assembled in China is nothing but a gadget that contributes to heavy metal pollution.
environmental NGOs
in China conducted research and found data on some heavily polluting suppliers to IT brands and Apple was one of them. These NGOs claim that they approached 29 IT brands including Apple and informed them about their pollution levels.

Environmentalists in China are seeing red because it has been over 50 days and Apple is one of the 8 companies that haven’t responded. With its commitment to lessen the environmentalfootprint of every product it manufactures, it’s indeed surprising that Apple is maintaining silence.

So Mr. Jobs, whatever happened to your responsibility to the supply chain management team and their environment? It seems unlikely that a brand like Apple is not conscious of its image and branding. Why is Apple not reacting? There is definitely more to it than meets the eye.

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