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author: Zhou xiao fan

When talking about climate change, "Global warming" is the words most people have heard. But since 2009 to this year ,many countries in the North Hemisphere,including North China have suffered from a extremely rare ,long and cold winter.Temperature in China had dropped for many times.All htis make the confusion which about the tendency of climte changing more serious.People ask: Does GLOBAL CLIMATE actually become WARMER or COLDER?


Most of the scientists agree that ,over the past century,average global temperature actually has tended to rise ,acrcording to the inspection data. And which it caused the glaciers melting is a undeniable fact. But what the future of climate change will be ,why average global temperature rose and how much the temperature increase, and the influence of temperature rising to biosphere are not totally agreed in scientific community.

Some scientists think that the temperature in the 20th century was the highest over the past century. This kind of viewpoint has been used in the report of IPCC.However , some scientists also think that "the opinion was just of their own, we lack conclusive evidence to prove that."

The general consensus in scientific community is ,in the geologic history of Earth,that temperature of earth's surface and concentration of carbon dioxide had been over present's level for several times.From long time ago to nowadays ,the temperature changing is full of ups and downs ,and it has periodicity.Therefore ,the global warming which we suffered from didn't happen only once. What is more improtant is to know that whether the velocity of temperature rising was much faster than the one during the past history of the erath or not.

There are some views of several scientists against the views of majority ,which believe that the global climate is getting colder. Recent strong storms and cold snag in Northen Hemisphere during winter has arisen the global doubt about the global warming.Although some scientists believe that the terrible snow and storm in part of the region was only random event. BUt some scientist attribute it to the little ice age which was resulted from the alternate period of changes in temperature of ocean. and they anticipated that we will be faced with a ten-year period of global cold climate.People experienced the Cop15 may confuse the continuation of the global jod which is going to redeem the global warming .

What's more, the word "global warming" is not precise.It is often used in out daily life.but most of the meaning behind.So the "climate change"is more and more going to replaced the "global warming" .in order to convey the instable climate which may caused by the continuing warming of global temperature.

Another thing which was always ignored is ,the distinction of two words " climate" and "weather"..NASA has explained it in a easy way."The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere "behaves" over relatively long periods of time. " We can say that the heavy snow a, the low temperature (etc.) were abnormal weather or extreme weather ,which can;t been regarded as "chilling climate":

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