Cape Wind Approved: Rep. Markey Praises the Decision

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar just announced his decision to approve the

construction of Cape Wind, the long disputed wind farm off Nantucket. It will be the Nation's first off-shore wind farm.

Below is the statement of Rep. Markey, chair of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming:

“With this historic decision, the answer to America’s energy future is blowing in the wind.

“The same winds that delivered the Mayflower to Massachusetts and created the Perfect Storm will now deliver a clean energy future to Massachusetts and create new jobs.

“America’s energy future can now ride the winds of change out of our dirty energy doldrums.

“I commend Secretary Salazar’s wisdom and his commitment to the environmental review process.

“On the same day that a massive oil slick is growing in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening the coastline, the Obama administration’s Cape Wind decision shows that our country has a choice in how we capture the energy found in our oceans.

“The Obama administration is moving forward with a comprehensive offshore energy plan that will enable America to finally move beyond oil and look to the winds, the waves, the tides, and the sun to create an American-led clean energy future.”

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