Got Questions about the Climate Bill?

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"We don't want to mix messages here. I'm all for protecting the Earth, but this is about energy independence."

-Sen. Lindsey Graham, on why he, Kerry, and Lieberman won't be releasing their long-awaited climate bill on Earth Day (via grist)

Confused about the climate bill? So, it seems is Sen. Lindsey Graham, co-sponsor of the next version of the bill, which is expected to come out of the senate on April 20, the day of our next Planet Forward Debate and Screening.

Senators Kerry, Graham and Lieberman will be releasing a stripped-down version of the House bill that was passed last year. Lucky for us, our guest Kate Sheppard has already written a good summary of the climate bill and where it stands here:

The bill is controversial. Some say that it’s too watered-down to make a difference. Others say it’s the best we’re going to get. This is your chance to learn about the upcoming bill and ask questions of people who know.

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Our Experts:

Andrew Revkin covers the climate debate, environmental science and policy on The New York Times' Dot Earth blog. In 2008, he won a John Chancellor Award from Columbia University for his work as a journalist who is not "widely known by the public, but who is highly respected within the profession for the caliber of his or her work."

Dan Lashof is the science director and deputy director of Natural Resources Defense Council's climate center. He has been deeply involved in crafting federal climate legislation and is a lead author of the Special Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on the role of land-use change and forestry in exacerbating or mitigating global warming.

James L. Connaughton is the former George W. Bush administration environmental adviser and served as chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and Director of the White House Office of Environmental Policy from 2001 to 2009. He is now the Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Public and Environmental Policy for Constellation Energy.

Kate Sheppard covers energy and environmental politics in Mother Jones' Washington bureau. She was previously the political reporter for and a writing fellow at The American Prospect.

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