Sex, Drugs and Climate Change: Global Warming Bumps Rock and Roll off list of Vices

Maryland and 14 other states have resolutions that deny the climate threat and seek to prevent limits on greenhouse gas pollution. In South Dakota yesterday, they passed a resolution “calling for a balanced approach for instruction in public schools relating to global climatic change.”

Brad Johnson of Wonk Room pulled together the resolutions, and finds language that characterizes global warming science as “actually a conspiracy”:

KENTUCKY: “WHEREAS, a recent disclosure of communications among scientists associated with the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia has cast serious doubt upon the scientific data that have purportedly supported the finding that man-made carbon dioxide has been a material cause of global warming or global climate change ... “

MARYLAND: “WHEREAS, Email and other communications between climate researchers around the globe discovered as part of the recent “climate-gate” controversy indicate that there is a well-organized and ongoing effort to manipulate global temperature data and incorporate tricks to substantiate the theory of climate change ... “

OKLAHOMA: “WHEREAS, intense public scrutiny has revealed how unsettled the science is on climate change and the unwillingness of many of the world’s climatologists to share data or even entertain opposing viewpoints on the subject ... “

UTAH: “WHEREAS, emails and other communications between climate researchers around the globe, referred to as ‘Climategate,’ indicate a well organized and ongoing effort to manipulate global temperature data in order to produce a global warming outcome ... “

It’s particularly surprising to that Maryland would propose a resolution like this, as they were one of 13 states that passed a Clean Air bill that would adopt California’s air quality standards for cars and they passed one of the strongest bills in the nation to deal with climate change, which set a state-wide cap on carbon, including strong short-term targets to get there.

But organizers don’t think the bill has legs. Matt Dernoga, Campaign Director of University of Maryland for Clean Energy says, “As unfortunate as it is that there is such a resolution proposed in MD, it's not going anywhere."

We’ve gone far since Elvis’ hips threatened the moral fiber of our children. The drug war is still going on and the debate about sex ed in our schools continue, and I don’t think the shock of the evolution “theory” debates has abated. It seems the attacks on science have just shifted to climate change. We can only hope that, like Elvis’ gyrations, in a few years these fears about climate change will be laughable.

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