Dispatches from the "Green" Olympics...or perhaps the "Pink" Olympics?

Much has been written about the unseasonably warm weather Vancouver has been experiencing. While it has caused much peril and pain for Olympic organizers and athletes alike, the ordinary Olympic fan couldn't ask for anything more. I can attest as a Vancouver native that there is nothing quite as spectacular as the sparkling water and glistening mountains of this city on a sunny day. With temperatures well into the 50s and 60s, the beauty of the city has been enhanced by the influx of joyful tourists keenly aware that they have only narrowly escaped the notorious rainfall characteristic of the Pacific Northwest...for a couple days at least!

Although I expected the green grass and lightly dusted white mountains, I was total unprepared for the sea of pink that is lining the streets. Could those be cherry blossoms? Hundreds of thousands of pink trees in full bloom in late February. Vancouver could rival Washington, DCs world famous cherry blossom festival a full month in advance!

Today I am looking forward to seeing the Olympic cauldron and touring some of the representative Houses for the International teams. With lines up to three hours long for each location, I am just thankful I don't need to carry an umbrella!

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