Bill Gates on Climate Change & Fast Reactors

It looks like Gates is "all in" so to speak with respect to climate change. He has substantial investments in a new type of nuclear technology (that people on this website have been ranting about for about a year).

In an odd coincidence, the president recently "upped nuclear investment for climate fight."

And then there's the latest on Warren Buffett who just happens to be a massive contributor to the Gates Foundation and their worldly endeavors:

Buffett buying Burlington Northern Railroad:

Some people believe that he's betting on coal (and the necessary transport thereof), others that the railroad will be central to NAFTA product movement from Canada to Mexico. I personally think that this may be part of the President's rail agenda even though we aren't connecting the dots.

And if you're conspiratorial, you may even believe that he bought it in an effort to eventually shut down Central US coal transport as Gates ramps up on his nuclear efforts. I wouldn't be surprised.

One Step Closer to The Future on High Speed Rail:
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