Oil Refiners are going in the exact opposite direction

According to a recent story in the LA Times, oil refiners, trucking companies and petrochemical companies are suing the state of California over its new standard controlling the carbon intensity of fuel. The standard, which is designed to motivate the use of alternative fuels, is costing these companies money.

Unfortunately, instead of focusing on ways to implement new and alternative fuel technology, these companies are combating the law.

This is the exact opposite direction they should be going. It takes laws like this to slowly force a change, and if we fight that change at every step, it cannot ever be successful.

According to the article, Roland Hwang, a transportation specialist with the Natural Resources Defense Council, it's disappointed with the way these companies are spending their money, "That was money, energy, and time that would have been much better spent
figuring out how to make clean cars rather than fighting our laws."

He's exactly right. Instead of using funds to fight change, they should be used to implement it. There's no doubt that in the future, the development of new and alternative fuel technology can only help to save money.

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