Thomas Friedman Answers Your Questions

Last night, Thomas Friedman came to The George Washington University’s sold-out Lisner Auditorium, where he spoke to over 1000 students and others about climate change and what he thinks needs to be done to solve it.

His controversial take: we need real -- not phoney -- green revolution, and we need a tax on carbon.

His world, like his book, is "Hot, Flat and Crowded."

Before his talk, he came to Planet Forward studios -- to answer questions members had sent to him via

There were a lot and they were great. Planet Forward members voted on them.

The top three questions were:

  • "Is the combination of Chinese totalitarian central planning and Chinese entrepreneurialism more productive than democratic processes and a modern regulated market economy? Will China own the last half of the 21st century as the US fades?" friend2all, California
  • "How would you incorporate green jobs into Career and Technical Education in high schools? Are there model programs?" Fuzz, Chicago, IL
  • "How does population growth affect our ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb our appetite for energy?" Ultima, Colorado

Congratulations to those of you who submitted the winning questions!

His answers to these and others will be posted here next week.

It was great talking to Tom. He brings insight and embraces the debate and the controversy.

By the way -- we were trying out something new in this process: Google Moderator. This tool lets you decide which questions and ideas interest you most by allowing you to easily submit questions and vote on the ones you like best.

It was a success so we'll use it more in the future.

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