The New Green Economy

Research and development is essential to making progress in the fields of environmental protection and sustainable energy.

During the New Green Economy Technological innovation symposium Friday January 22nd, Dr. Brian Czech, president of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, said "I think we need to look deeper into the relationship between research and development and its relationship to the environment. Too much of the debate surrounds how to get the funding and how to use that funding properly".

There are no easy answers, especially when corporations are responsible for research and development which has a symbiotic relationship with profits. "You need the profits to maintain the research and development and you need to R and D to make the profits. Its a catch 22 said Dr. Czech.

Economic growth allows technological progress and consumer decisions guides the direction of such technological progress. "In the corporate R and D discussion its all about becoming more efficient" said Czech.

Efforts to improve the quality and quantity of research and development while changing the focus to sustainable energy practices informed the discussion at the Technological innovation symposium.

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