Complete Streets: a simple way to cut carbon emissions now

Washington State Representative Jim Moeller recently introduced the "complete streets" bill into the Washington State Legislature. The bill, in summary, would aim to create roadways that accommodate multiple forms of transportation, including bike lanes, and larger sidewalks for pedestrians. Additionally, the bill would make streets safer by lowering speed limits and provide incentives to bike, walk or take public transportation by making access easier.

This is a simple way to cut carbon emissions and improve everyone's transportation experience. Best of all, it can be implemented now. We don't have to restructure our power grids, we don't need new vehicles, and we don't have to develop a new technology. The greenest cities in the world all make it easy to not have to drive a car. In fact, Oregon, arguably the "greenest" state in the country, has already passed a "complete streets" bill of their own. The rest of the country should try to get on board with what Representative Moeller is trying to do. Simple and feasible improvements now should be implemented as much as possible, there is no reason to do otherwise.

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