Our 2020-2021 Planet Forward Correspondents

We are pleased to announce our 2020-2021 team of Planet Forward Correspondents! More information will be shared soon about the exceptional team of students selected. Get to know them below:

  • Maddie Arthur – University of Wisconsin-Madison. Maddie is a senior studying life sciences communication and conservation biology.
  • Arielle Bader – George Washington University. Arielle is a senior studying photojournalism.
  • Elly Beckerman – Bates College. Elly is a junior majoring in environmental studies, with a global environmental politics concentration, and minors in Chinese and history.
  • Francesca Edralin – George Washington University. Francesca is a junior international affairs major, with a concentration in environmental studies, and minors in journalism and sustainability. She was a 2020 Storyfest finalist.
  • Greta Hardy-Mittell – Carleton College. Greta is a sophomore and a reporter for The Carletonian. She was a 2020 Storyfest winner.
  • Anthony Karambelas – University of Chicago. Anthony is a graduate student in an interdisciplinary program prepping for Ph.D. studies in political science/sociology. He was a 2020 Storyfest finalist.
  • Eva Legge – Dartmouth College. Eva is a double-major in biology and earth sciences, and is minoring in creative writing.
  • Mary Magnuson – University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mary is a senior studying life sciences communication and conservation biology, with a minor in environmental studies.
  • Alex Mangold – Florida State University. Alex is a graduate student studying public interest media and communication. She graduated from Oklahoma State University in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in strategic communications and a minor in marketing.
  • Donnie Monk – SUNY-ESF. Donnie is a senior studying environmental studies focused on policy, planning, and law.
  • Paulina Oswald – Eckerd College. Paulina is a senior studying psychology, with an interest in marine life and photography. She was also a 2020 Storyfest finalist.
  • Maggie Scholle – University of San Diego. Maggie is a senior studying environmental and ocean sciences.
  • Lizzie Stricklin – George Washington University. Lizzie is a senior studying journalism and mass communication and minoring in sustainability. She was a 2020 Storyfest finalist.
  • Marisa Umeh – University of California-Berkeley. Marisa is a junior studying business administration and media studies.
  • Ali Wilt – Northwestern University. Ali is a junior studying communication and media studies.

2020-2021 Senior Correspondents:

  • Max Sano – Franklin & Marshall College. Max is a junior majoring in government and environmental studies, with a minor in Arabic.
  • Cate Twining-Ward – George Washington University. Cate is a junior majoring in environmental studies and minoring in sustainability. She was a 2020 Storyfest winner.

All Correspondent work will be featured here. Check back frequently!

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Hub Content

Thru-hiking the almost 2,200 mile-long Appalachian Trail is the challenge of a lifetime, but rewards are plentiful along the way. Outstanding views such as this one on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, await hikers ambitious enough to take the trek. (Photo courtesy of Audrey Aug)

Northwestern University
The 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail draws thousands every year to attempt a thru-hike. How are would-be hikers reacting to COVID-19 interfering with plans they've been working on for months — or years?
George Washington University
Could the rise in teleworking due to COVID-19 offer a long-term solution to combat the climate crisis? A recent study says yes.

(Photos by Max Sano/Franklin & Marshall College)

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | Franklin & Marshall College
The combination of experiences from environmental and engineering sciences, coupled with working in nature and water systems, left a permanent, venerable impact on my relationship with the natural world.

Photographed in the forests of Palawan, a Philippine pangolin pup nudges its mother, rolled up in a protective ball. (Gregg Yan/Creative Commons)

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent
Pressuring governments to issue bans and closures of wet markets could prevent the emergence of infectious disease. But it does not solve the widespread issue of bushmeat circulation between hunters and their families.