Robotic Fish Search Water for Pollutants

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Robotic Fish Search Water for Pollutants

There soon could be something new lurking in our waterways, but don't worry--they don't bite!  A new innovation from Michigan State University could revolutionize the way we monitor our lakes and oceans.  Life-size robotic fish can detect pollution, oil spills, and even algae blooms, providing scientists with unprecedented amounts of information. "We see basically schools of these robots patrolling water bodies, whether it be coastal waters, ponds or lakes or even rivers. They talk to each other underwater, communicating, determining what to do next in terms of monitoring or other applications," said Professor Xiabo Tan.  "They would provide real time information that I don't think is available with existing technology." In the past, similar projects have faced challenges because robots are dependent on battery power and have limited range and utility.  However, the robotic fish created at MSU harness the Earth's gravitational pull to swim to new depths. Do you think this idea could work?  Let us know your thoughts!

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