MIT Researchers' 'Cool' Idea for Very Fresh Milk

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MIT Researchers' 'Cool' Idea for Very Fresh Milk

They say you shouldn't cry over spilled milk, but spoiled milk is a different story!  In India, dairy processing plants are often far away from the small farms that produce the milk.  Because of unreliable power sources, the milk usually is not refrigerated before it gets to the processing plant. Sometimes, by the time it gets to the plant, the milk is spoiled. Two graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology formed Promethean Power, a company that is working to solve this problem.  They created a way to convert electricity when it is available, often at night, into a battery that stores cold in a special fluid.  This fluid is then used to chill the milk. The devices are expensive; however, they are sold to the large dairy companies that would much rather prefer fresh milk from the local dairy farmers. Do you have an idea that could help solve a problem like this?  Let us know by submitting your idea to Planet Forward!  

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