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We've got the experts - on our campuses, at our salons, and at our yearly summit - and we're asking them what we need to know to move the planet forward.

How do we communicate climate change and the challenges it poses for agriculture? At our last 2014 salon, we identified key communication solutions for telling the story of food, and got in touch with the top journalists and experts in the field. We... Read More
What responsiblities do journalists have when covering food?
George Washington University
February 20, 2015
Ask an Expert: What do farmers need to know? What should they be wary of?
What problems exist with agricultural technology?
George Washington University
February 09, 2015
What's wrong with our food system? What's right? How do we fix the problems and elevate the successes?
Why Should We Empower Women In Agriculture?
George Washington University
January 30, 2015
How do we make the food problems that we face in the next 50 years real to everyone, so we can pull together and create change? Hear from the experts.
Who Has The Power To Change The Food System?
The George Washington University
January 29, 2015
Planet Forward was invited to the December Farm Journal conference where agricultural technology and social media were the day's highlights. 
Donavon Taves on Farming with Drones
Planet Forward
January 28, 2015
The experts are rethinking the food pyramid - here's what they have to say on diet and nutrition.
Evelyn F. Crayton on Good Health in Poor Communities
Planet Forward
December 11, 2014
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