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We've got the experts - on our campuses, at our salons, and at our yearly summit - and we're asking them what we need to know to move the planet forward.

On June 10, 2015, senior administration officials joined Federal sustainability stakeholders to discuss the administration's executive order on climate change and the path forward at the 2015 GreenGov Symposium. Planet Forward's Devin Greene was... Read More
Bob Perciasepe: Advocating action on climate change
Planet Forward
June 22, 2015
Detroit is more than a city, it’s a symbol. It represents the decline of American industry, but also the resilience, flexibility, and vision of American workers. Planet Forward went to Detroit for Shell's “Powering Progress Together” event to hear... Read More
Aneesh Chopra: The Wall of Disbelief
Planet Forward
May 25, 2015
What do the experts think about the biggest questions in agriculture and climate change? We tracked them down at the 2015 Feeding the Planet Summit, and asked for you.
Why Should We Be Excited About Farming?
George Washington University
May 15, 2015
How do we communicate climate change and the challenges it poses for agriculture? At our last 2014 salon, we identified key communication solutions for telling the story of food, and got in touch with the top journalists and experts in the field. We... Read More
What responsiblities do journalists have when covering food?
George Washington University
February 20, 2015
Ask an Expert: What do farmers need to know? What should they be wary of?
What problems exist with agricultural technology?
George Washington University
February 09, 2015
What's wrong with our food system? What's right? How do we fix the problems and elevate the successes?
Why Should We Empower Women In Agriculture?
George Washington University
January 30, 2015
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