Multimedia Reporting in Belize

Are you….

Passionate about environmental journalism?

Concerned about ocean/marine conservation issues in the Caribbean sea?

Resolved to discover rain forest conservation efforts?

Interested in the effects of climate change on coastal erosion?

Curious about Garifuna (African) and Mayan cultures?

Eager to improve your digital storytelling skills?

Interested in traveling, studying and reporting abroad?

If so, check out this short term abroad course — Conservation, Communication & Culture: Multimedia Reporting in Belize (July 22-Aug. 5) — which is open to ANY registered undergrad and graduate student (not just GW!).

Course objectives

1) Participate in, understand and advance the global conversation on climate change, ocean/marine conservation and coastal erosion.

2) Discover and embrace the Garifuna and Mayan cultures in southern Belize.

3) Navigate researching, reporting and traveling internationally to Belize.

Read more, see more images of sites and find out how to register!