Global Food Challenge

The Global Food Challenge – Emerging Leaders for Food Security, a program of Land O'Lakes, Inc., tackles global hunger and the challenge of feeding 9 billion people, together with a group of exceptional and passionate college students. Read on to see what The George Washington University Emerging Leader has been working on this year.

Sustainable eating for a growing population
Sustainable eating for a growing population
By consuming less grain fed meats, especially beef, we can make sure there is enough land, water and food for a growing world population.

Texas oil and agricultural fields taken by the Landsat 8 satellite. (Image courtesy U.S. Geological Survey)

Northwestern University
Researchers at the AAAS conference in Boston stress the need for accurate agricultural data and satellite imaging in the fight for food security around the world.
State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Agricultural management can destroy wildlife habitat, but ecological agriculture, like that practiced by indigenous peoples around the world, can provide both people and wildlife with the resources they need.

Satellite image of crops growing in Kansas. (Photo: NASA)

George Washington University
I wanted to figure out the impact food has on the world around us, and search for new ideas about how food shapes our economies, environment, health and, ultimately, survival. It’s something we experience everyday, yet is facing a growing dilemma.

(Photo by Pixabay)

George Washington University
Food waste is a social, economic and environmental triple-threat, bearing serious impacts on the way we live.
George Washington University
It can be hard for cold-pressed juice to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Especially you’re a misfit. 

Fruitcycle diverts landfill-bound fruits and vegetables and turns them into snacks. (Screenshot from Fruitcycle website.)

George Washington University
D.C. may be a great hub for good food, but it’s also a huge hub for food waste.

Frank Fritz assembles and labels the bins for a pilot composting program last July. (Photo courtesy The Washington ComPost at GW.)

George Washington University
Students are leading the battle against food waste in cities. From local start-ups to wholesale retailers, young entrepreneurs seek new ways of rerouting food waste into innovative ideas.

(Foerster/Creative Commons)

George Washington University
Global Food Challenge Emerging Leader Ayse Muratoglu begins her series on how food waste is a critical issue in food sustainability.