What’s your #EnergyToDo list?

Summer is a good time for a top five list.  We’re ranking our beaches, green hotels, and even, for the wonks out there here’s our Desert Island, All-Time Top 5 Green Architecture Videos.  It doesn’t get better than that!

Well actually, it does. Because now Planet Forward is looking for your #EnergyToDo list.  But not just in your personal life--what if you were US Energy Secretary?  If you had the power to set the energy priorities for the entire country and invest in the ideas you think would work.  Big investments that would transform our society.  We want to know.

We recently got Bill Nye, the Science Guy, to tell us his, WATCH:

Now it's your turn!  We will feature the best tweets in an upcoming video and throughout our social media.
Happy tweeting!
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